RealTime Racing

Cost effective race timing with realtime online results.
From £50 + 40p per runner.






How does it work?

Real Time Racing is a cost effective race timing solution that uses short range RFID wrist bands to time races. Racers need to tap the wrist band against the timing box after finishing the race to record their time. We supply a timing box and wrist bands to races. The system can be used in any kind of event that requires timing, it has been used previously for running, mountain biking, skiing and open water swimming events.

We typically hire out the timing box and wrist bands so you can time the race yourself, its very easy to use and it comes with clear written instructions. We can also offer one to one tutorials and advice using Skype. If required we can also supply staff to do the timing for you.

We charge a concession rate for charity or fund raising events.

Real Time Racing

Key features

Why you should choose RTR

Any Race Type

The system can work with mass start or rolling start races. We can supply multiple boxes for timegate tracking on the course, such as on halfway point of a race. All timing boxes are able to upload recordings to the web in realtime.


Multiple race distances

The same timing box can be used for multiple race distances. For example the same time box can be used for a 10km, Half Marathon and full Marathon races each with different start times.


Full entrant control

Our administration page lets you adjust entrant names and categories, even after the race has taken place. You simple assign a race number to each entrant and give them the wrist band with that number, we do the rest.


Cost effective

Starting at £50 + 40p per runner this is the cheapest electric timing system on the market. No extra costs. Concession rates available for fund raising or charity events.


Live results online

Our timing boxes upload results data to the web in realtime. The data is then combined with your entrants list and produces a real time results page.



Our solution is completely reusable, after each race the timing box and wrist bands are returned to us. We clean everything and prepare it for another use. There is no throwing away of single use plastic RFID stickers/bands here!

Optional extras

ready to go

We can help set up the live results website using your domain name e.g. We can also brand the results page to include your logo, colours and fonts etc. See The Narberth Nobbler for an example.

We can supply a digital box that you can plug into any TV or screen via HDMI. We will configure the digital box to show live results to your competitors as they finish.

We can supply custom wristbands for your event. Made in your brand colour with your logo/branding on. These can be given to competitors or kept for re-use in all your events.

If you'd rather we come and time your event for you we can. We have a number of trained staff members who can take care of the timing of your event from start to finish.

Our system is completely customisable, the code can be adjusted to fit any requirement. We can adapt our versatile system to suit any need. We can also supply API endpoints of your results data both for entrants and real time results.

We can send SMS messages to your entrants as they finish the race. I the SMS message we can include their finishing time, position and a custom message of your choice, including web links.

Before the race

Lets get started

You get in touch

Once you've got in touch we can discuss your exact requirements. We can adapt the system to work for any race type, no matter how complex.

1 working day

You have access to a entrant management page

From this page you can upload your entrant list (in Excel format). We will supply a template Excel file for you to use, this is then uploaded to a web portal. For each entrant you can specify an age category and race distance (if you have multiple distances).

2 working days

We send you the timing box and wrist bands

During the initial consulataion we will discuss your race needs. We will discuss how many wrist bands you need and these will be sent to you via signed delivery after the deposit is paid.

During & After the race

Tap tap

You time start the race!

You will be sent special wrist bands for starting the race. For mass start races you simply tap the start race wristband against the timing box and the clock has started! There is a different start wrist band for each race distance (assuming you have multiple distance races).


Finishers tap

As finishers cross the line, they tap their wrist band against the timing box and their time is recorded. The results instantly go live to the internet, where viewers can see the runners finish time immediately on the results website.


All done!

Once the last runner has completed the race, all the results will be online. You can direct entrants to the results website using your social media pages or via email. We will keep the results website online for a week or so. You can also download the results as an excel file.


Happy people

The Narberth Nobbler

RTR have helped us time 9 races to date and have never let us down.

Canaston Night 10km

A perfect timing sytem for our 400 entrant event.

NUMBERS (Orienteering)

The bespoke system RTR created for us was perfect.